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Watch me build my next start up in a fishbowl. Look over my shoulder and see exactly what I do, step by step, all free to you! Watch and learn as I take you step by step through my proven process to build a small internet start up. It may be wildly successful or it may fail miserably, but it will be awesome to watch.

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The Story Behind Super Small Startups


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My name is Daniel Himel and I have developed a repeatable and profitable process to build small startups from scratch that takes very little risk, very little money, and no knowledge of coding. You don't even need an idea (yet). This process allows me to work 'seasonally' , meaning I hustle for a season to get a startup rolling then take extended time off.

3 Start Up Myths Busted (or why you can do this too)


You need a ton of money to start

In reality you need very little to start! A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs think they have to spend money on non essentials to even start. Things like logos, fancy websites, business cards, etc. The truth is you don't need any of those things to put your idea in motion. Why spend anything on those when you don't even have a customer? The web allows you instant feedback to test your ideas before you spend hardly any money. Things have changed!

You need to know how to code

You don't need to be a developer. There are so many tools that make going from zero to business a reality for non techies now and plenty of them are free or very low cost. At some point you will probably need to hire a developer but developers are an abundant resource and I can teach you savvy ways to keep costs down and even have your product built with nothing out of pocket. Not every startup has to be a web tool or app either, often times there is no coding ever needed.

Startups must be big, like Facebook

You don't need a billion users to profitable. You can build yourself a small startup and make tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month with fewer customers than you think. These small startups are easier to manage, take less time (who wants a job?) and can even become very passive with the right mindset. Once you have the blueprint down to building these super small startups, you can build even more.

Nice Things Said about me

You are my hero. Not only do I love what you have done and are doing. I love that you did this with a different profile than most internet entrepreneurs. Young and single vs. established with wife and kids. You give me a story that I can believe and use as inspiration.
Randy Tillman
One skype call with Dan and my world has changed. I went from a very loose idea with hundreds of questions to total clarity in just a matter of minutes. I am well on my way thanks to Dan.
Eric Matieola
Thanks to Daniel , who has been working 1on1 with me, for the past couple weeks, to solve an increasingly complicated issue and has asked for nothing in return. Your generosity is only rivaled by your genius. Thank you so much!
Phillip Cardwell

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